any dream will do

Apr 16, 2009

Today I went to see the touring production of Joseph at Norwich Theatre Royal. Had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I would not give it top marks.

This is probably because I have been spoilt by the excellent production we have on video of this version. (Well worth getting this, even if you just borrow it from a library and I am NOT a Donny Osmond fan but this cast is excellent).

Joseph was played by Craig Chalmers, who apparently came fifth in BBC’s Any Dream Will Do – I can see why he didn’t win.

Don’t get me wrong, I really did enjoy it, but there did not seem to be any chemistry or interaction between players on stage, and the performances lacked emotion, except for the truly exceptional encores/finale(s)…. if only they had put as much effort into the rest of the show.

Old school cool

Feb 27, 2009

If you are anything like me, you sit at your computer listening to the thousands of songs your have encoded into iTunes thinking, “This is all very good but I want to listen to all my old stuff that I have on vinyl and cassette”.

Well today I found the next best thing….

It looks like iTunes but is actually an internet radio streamer I suppose, but you choose exactly what to listen to, not just “artists like….” type choices.

I have spent all morning listening to it with no problems, reliving all my old classics such as <embarassment cloak> T’Pau, W.A.S.P., Pat Benatar, Magnum, Daisy Chainsaw, SugarCubes </embarassment cloak>. All stuff that I have on ancient formats but don’t want to fork out good money to own again on CD/MP3.

Its worth checking it out.