Mathematics defeats nature

Aug 31, 2010

I have done it!

Done what? Mathematically proved that the reason we grow is not down to nature, not down to physics, not even down to biology or chemistry… but down to pure mathematics.

As shown in the simplified calculations and diagram below you can see that a normal person laying down in a north-south orientation at a position on earth of 51° (approximately my home) will grow at a rate of 200 metres a year!!

How is it that this happens?

Simple. Based on the rotation of the earth, you will physically travel further the nearer to the equator you are positioned. So according to my calculations if you are laying with your head north and your feet south they will be approximately at a distance of 0.000001 degrees apart. Therefore your feet will travel roughly 200m further than your head. So logic states that you must be stretched by that amount each year.

Obviously this assumes that you stay in this position for the whole year and do not stand up or change your orientation to an east-west position 🙂

Why we grow

Mathematical proof!