Time Loop

Feb 13, 2009

Imagine you have travelled back around a hundred years and stopped a gentleman on the street in a large town or a city.

“Excuse me Sir, do you have the time”, you ask.

He would most probably have reached into his pocket and pulled out his fob watch on a chain.

Fast forward to around 10-20 years ago and they would have looked at their wrist watch.

Now fast forward back to present day, you are walking through that same town or city and need to know the time so you stop and ask anyone under the age of, ooh say 40.  The chances are that they will no longer look at their wrist but, just like that olden day gentleman, reach into their pocket and look at their modern digital timepiece – their mobile phone.

The olden day gentleman may well have had some sort of charm attached to his fob watch on his chain, perhaps a lucky rabbits foot or a small gold or silver pixie, etc. The modern counterpart could well have a similar equivalent attached to their phone dangling away, getting caught up in their pocket, maybe a pokemon, a tigger, pooh or piglet, or some sort of flashing device that they cannot see in their pocket when their phone rings.

Funny how things turn full circle with a modern twist 😀