Entertaining ourselves

May 17, 2010

Television: Long-time enemy of social life. It sits in the corner surrounded by the ‘nuclear family’ continually shouting whether anyone is really listening or not. It does not defer when people try to talk and is often louder than their voices any way. No thought required, sit down and absorb.

Books: Perceived as the gentler alternative to television. Non-intrusive. Quiet. Dignified. Said to inspire the imagination.

But are books any more social than tv?

Two people in a room watching tv will inevitably pass comment now and then. Two people in a room reading different novels – silence. What is more sociable?

But I still prefer books 🙂

Sundays (there is one every week)

Mar 16, 2009

Haven’t quite got used to the new SKY1 schedule of Lost on a Sunday and 24 on a Monday, I always expect 24 to be on a Sunday instead – but this week I was prepared.

I sat on the sofa, armed with crisps and drink, ready and waiting…… and then…… nothing. No Lost! I have no idea why but apparently it was skipping a week but would be on as normal next Sunday. They are obviously just trying to mess up my head even further, especially when combined with last week’s double-bill of 24 on Monday, I don’t know whether I am coming or going!

Oh well, I still ate my crisps so that counts for something 🙂

Incidentally they were lovely crisps: Walkers Sensations – Southern Style Barbecue

sensations - southern style barbecue

sensations - southern style barbecue

So instead, I took the opportunity to catch up on the Buffys (Buffies?) that have been piling up since series linking on FX. Currently showing the final series which has its moments, Spike is back as a main character which is always good, there is a house full of potentials (which can be mainly annoying) and Andrew is back and tied to a chair.

So all in all not a totally wasted night.
– No Lost 😦
+ Crisps 🙂
+ Buffy 🙂

never trust anything electronic

Mar 10, 2009

For reasons known only to itself, my BT Vision box decided NOT to record last night’s heroes on BBC2 😦

Trying to find out when it is repeated without finding out what happened is proving to be quite tricky, especially since they have the next episode on BBC3 afterwards on the same night.

I am not sure but I think I have found it – but not until 12.15am next monday morning, the same day as the next episode!!!