Don’t waste your right to vote

Apr 29, 2010

Firstly, I do not claim to have any knowledge of how the country runs, politics, or any of that stuff.

Secondly, I cannot see how the following would work but it is just a random though that came to me while brushing my teeth.

Something that really irritates me is how many people say “I can’t be bothered to vote, its all a load of b*****ks any way”. So this kind of Use-It-Or-Lose-It idea just seemed to materialize into my brain. It is total crap really and would be very controvertial but, Hey, here it is anyway.

A big part of the election campaign seems to be the parties attitudes to immigration. Now I, myself, cannot decide what is right here. My ideals say that borders are only recent and political and that the human race is inherently nomadic and as such should be free to roam wherever they want. But I know that this cannot economically work, add to that the overpopulation of the world in general, yet alone individual countries/areas, and it is only going to keep increasing.

Now throw into the mix all the people that want to come to this country and GENUINELY want to be a part of this community, would add to the overall well-being of the country either, artistically, economically, on a skill level, etc., and would love to be able to have the right to vote because they believe in the country.

Wouldn’t it be a great experiment to let them in, give them the right to vote BUT, and here is the strange bit, deport all those that have the right do vote but just can’t be bothered, regardless to their original ‘homeland’ (Yes even thirty-generation-true-blood-English-that-have-never-left-the-village), thus making room for those that care. Now I know this would never happen, besides, where would you send them: some uninhabited island named Apathy with no government – and watch them descend into William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Hell you could even put cameras on the island and make money from them selling it as a long-term reality show.

No way it could possibly work, or happen but it is a thought!